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With Sudor, launching your own online workout platform has never been easier. Connect with your clients anywhere, anytime. Grow your community. Start earning real money from day one.

We take care of the admin and technical stuff, so you’re free to do what you do best.

What can I do on Sudor?

Create workouts of any length or style, where your clients can do a virtual class with you in “real time” – even if it’s 1am and you’re getting your Zzz on.
Load challenges to attract new clients.
Integrate playlists from Spotify and Apple Music.
Expand your community all around the world – no more geographical limits!

What if I've never run an online business before?

Running your online business through Sudor is like just running a studio – but with no rental, geographical or class size constrictions. Plus, we’ll help you out with marketing, user behaviour insights and tips to get the most out of the app.

How do I earn on Sudor?

Sudor subscribers pay to use the app on their Android or Apple device. You earn for every subscriber you bring to the squad. No ads and none of that pay-per-stream nonsense. If they’re here because of you, you earn – plain and simple. Plus, payments are automated so that’s one less admin item you need to worry about.

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how is sudor different to youtube?

There was a famous example of a guy that made £37 from 1 million streams on Spotify and on average it takes 40,000 views in a month on Youtube to make just £100. With Sudor it only takes 15 subscribers to make £100. 

Earn from day one: With Sudor, you start earning from your very first subscriber. On YouTube, you need 1 000 subscribers before you can start earning.

Monthly income: On Sudor, you earn guaranteed revenue from your subscribers every single month, no matter how many workouts they’ve done. On YouTube, you have to rely on algorithms and views and your income is unpredictable.

No ads. Sudor does not bombard your subscribers with ads. They’re paying to see your content, not the latest innovation in house paint!

Who’s on Sudor?

Our trainers include celebrity fitness stars, members of the royal ballet, former footballers and champion sportspeople.

Not just any trainer can sign up to Sudor – we look for the right mix of enthusiasm, creativity, entrepreneurial spirit and knack for creating content that will keep our Sudor squad moving.

Whether you’re a personal trainer, group X instructor, Pilates or Yoga teacher, the Sudor squad is ready to move with your workouts!    

we hit the ground winning.

Our team is ambitious, and we like to win. So we were very proud when Sudor won Startup Of The Year at NOAH London in 2020.  

It made us even more excited to push the boundaries of what Sudor can become.

Join us, and see where your digital career could go.

From Our trainers

Don’t just take our word for it!

“Sudor has empowered me and continues to push me to become the best version of myself as a trainer. Partnering with Sudor means I get to share what I love doing the most with my clients without restriction. They have supported me and my vision throughout lockdown, and I can’t wait to see where my Sudor Journey takes me. ”

Mapule Ndhlovu

Adidas Ambassador & Sudor Trainer

“Sudor has closed the gap for excuses for everyone. Sudor has given trainers a platform to interact with society and reach people from anywhere in the world, all while allowing their trainers to do what they do best. Sudor embodies the future of fitness.”

Harry Jameson

Wellness Expert & Sudor Trainer

“COVID-19 forced both our US and South African studios into lockdown for months on end. Sudor provided a platform that allowed us to digitise our business within a week, creating an additional revenue source that now accounts for 50% of our business. Sudor has helped us achieve our most successful financial year yet.”

Paul Rothschild

Co-Founder & Co-CEO, SWEAT 1000

“Before Sudor I ran a successful online business – but they saw my vision and helped me reach new heights. I’m a very busy mom of three children and Sudor has really allowed me the flexibility to train women all over the world, as well as look after my kids and family.”

Ash Iovino

Founder of FitMom

ready to launch your business? 

Sudor is currently by invitation only – but we’re always on the look-out for enthusiastic trainers with a strong content game. Fill in the form below and someone from our team will be in touch to start your application process.