Terms & Conditions

Sudor is a subscription platform that enables Sudor’s Personal Trainer Partners (PTPs) to be paid by their Fans – the people that sign up to pay to watch workout videos on Sudor.


By using Sudor you agree to these terms.

These are Sudor’s terms of use, and they apply to all users of the Sudor platform. “We,” “our” or “us” refers to Global Fitness Holdings Ltd. and our subsidiaries. “Sudor” refers to this platform and the services offered by us.

By using Sudor you agree to these terms and to the other policies we include on the Ts&Cs on our website which are subject to change from time to time with notice. Please read them carefully and let us know if you have any questions. These terms are also subject to the terms and rules of the App store from whose site you downloaded the Sudor app. For information about the App store terms see the relevant App store site and for information on our data practices, please see our Privacy Policy. We can collect, process and use personal information in accordance with those policies.

A PTP is someone who offers Fans the ability to subscribe for and watch videos on Sudor

A Fan is someone who subscribes for a PTP’s videos on Sudor.


To become a PTP simply agree to these terms and conditions below. You will be sent a link to upload workout videos to enable you to start serving your Fans on Sudor.

We will, every now and again, upload guidelines for PTPs to follow when uploading any videos on Sudor. Please do review these guidelines as they have been created to help you get the best out of using Sudor.

You’re inviting these Fans to be part of something exciting that gives them benefits they want together with an engaging experience. In exchange, Fans pay a fee on a monthly or annual subscription basis.

As a PTP you must be at least 18 years old to register for an account on Sudor. You are responsible for your account and you should not give your log in details or permission to log into your account to anyone else.

When you create an account you must provide us with accurate information.

As a PTP you are responsible for anything that occurs when anyone is signed in to your account, as well as the security of the account. Please contact us immediately if you believe your account is compromised. You can learn more about security on our Security Policy page.


To become a Fan simply download the Sudor app from the App store or Playstore, create an account, add your preferred payment method and start watching the PTPs videos.

As a Fan, you must be at least 18 years old or have your parent’s permission to subscribe to a PTP’s videos. As a Fan you are responsible for anything that occurs when anyone is signed in to your account, as well as the security of the account.


All intellectual property rights in the App belongs to Sudor and its licensors. The use of the App by a PTP or Fan will not entitle either to any ownership (including copying or editing or harvesting of any information any similar action) of the app.

The Fan/PTP must not: (i) test, scan or circumvent the security of Sudor; (ii) use the account of another Fan/PTP or impersonate another Fan/PTP when using Sudor; or (iii) give any false details when creating and using an account (i.e. you must provide your real name and contact information).

We will set the price of subscriptions payable by Fans. These amounts may change from time to time and may vary from country to country.

Sudor will contract with Apple, Google and/or any other payment gateway so as to ensure that any subscription payments made by Fans and collected by Apple (App Store), Google (Play Store) or any other app provider and received by Sudor are then paid to PTPs after deducting Sudor’s fees, any third party fees, and any necessary taxes we are required by law to deduct. Sudor shall not be responsible for the security of subscriptions payments whilst under our possession or control.

Fans and PTPs are solely responsible for the content which they upload, and they understand that we have no control over any content, nor do we have any powers to oblige PTPs to upload any content. However, we proactively look at some pages and posts on Sudor to make sure PTPs follow our guidelines. We also investigate reports of potential violations and reserve the right to remove any content although we are not obliged to do this. These investigations may take a while to resolve and may include a review of other PTPs’ and Fans’ accounts.

With your permission, we may give other websites or services the ability to verify information about your Sudor account or perform actions on your behalf. This permission is asked for when you connect your Sudor account to these other websites or services. You can learn more in our Privacy Policy.

Fees and Taxes

Fans accept that they will have to pay a subscription fee to access Sudor (whether it is a basic or premium subscription). This subscription payment will renew automatically every month unless you cancel your subscription with Sudor.

As a PTP there is a fee associated with your use of the Sudor platform. This platform fee, is a percentage of the amount that each Fan pays for a basic subscription on Sudor; or a percentage of the amount that each Fan pays or a premium subscription for content on Sudor, and is only due to Sudor when a fan pays to subscribe for content on Sudor. You will not have to pay Sudor the platform before this. This platform fee is calculated before and does not include fees which may become payable to Apple, Google or similar payment processor or any taxes that may become payable by the PTP.

We will pay over to you in a single aggregated monthly payment, all amounts we have received from a fan on the last day of the month in which we received it from that Fan through a payment services provider or an App Store as the case may be.

You can see what your accrued earnings are on your PTP dashboard. We will in part be reliant inter alia on the App store from which you downloaded the app for information published on your dashboard and as a result such information may take some time to appear on the dashboard. This information is only an estimate and may be revised before payment is made in any particular month.

We do not handle most tax payments, but we collect tax identification information and report this to tax authorities as legally required. You are responsible for reporting any taxes.

The one tax we do handle on your behalf where appropriate is VAT payments for electronically supplied services to fans in the EU. For the purpose of electronically supplied services, creators make a supply of those services to us, and then we supply them to the Fan.

Your videos

You keep complete ownership of all videos, but you give us exclusive permission to use them on Sudor. Make sure you have permission to use the contents of your video that you offer on Sudor. If you do not, you agree to reimburse us for all loss or damage we incur relating to your failure to obtain permission to use the videos you upload on Sudor.

Sudor will from time to time partner with advertisers to place advertisements in the background of your videos. We will always ask your permission to place the advertisement into your video before we do so. You will need to let us know whether you consent no more than 3 days after we send you a request.

If we partner with an advertiser who places an advertisement in a number of Sudor videos, a percentage of all proceeds from such advertising received by Sudor will be due to the PTPs whose videos the adverts appear in. The relevant amount will be split equally amongst the trainers in whose videos the advertisement appears.

By posting creations on Sudor you grant us a royalty-free, perpetual, irrevocable, exclusive, sublicensable, worldwide license to use, reproduce, distribute, perform, publicly display or prepare derivative works of your creation. The purpose of this license is limited to enable us to deliver Sudor to Fans, and for all related purposes including advertising.

We will never try to steal your videos or use them in an exploitative way.

You may not post videos that infringe others’ intellectual property or proprietary rights.

Account deletion

You can delete your account by contacting us via our website and providing us with 30 days’ notice of your wish to delete your account. We can disable your account at our discretion.

Sudor reserves the right to terminate accounts in the case of a PTP or Fan breaching Community Guidelines or for any other reason in Sudor’s sole discretion.

These terms remain in effect even if you no longer have an account. After account deletion, where you are a PTP, we will retain your content and keep it uploaded on Sudor unless you ask us to take it down. We will aim to remove your content from Sudor within 30 days after you ask us to. However, we shall keep exclusive possession of the content and you cannot use that content anywhere else, except where the content is filmed by you using your own equipment, and is uploaded to the Sudor server by you, then you may retain possession of the content and can upload the content elsewhere.

Fans may not use videos uploaded by PTPs in any way not authorized by the PTP.

Warranty disclaimer

We do our best to make sure Sudor works as expected, but stuff happens.

Sudor is provided “as is” and “as available” and without warranty of any kind. Any warranty of merchantability, satisfactory quality, fitness for a particular purpose, non-infringement, and any other warranty is excluded to the greatest extent permitted by law.

The disclaimers of warranty under this clause also apply to our subsidiaries, affiliates and third party service providers.

Limit of liability

If you lose money as a result of using Sudor, any payment to you is limited to the amount of money we have earned through your use of Sudor.

To the extent permitted by law, we are not liable to you for any incidental, consequential or punitive damages arising out of these terms, or your use or attempted use of Sudor.

Fans and PTPs accept that Sudor creates a space where Fans and PTPs can share videos and content. You agree that Sudor will not be responsible or liable for any interactions, disputes or claims which occur between any users of Sudor (including Fans and/or PTPs).

Sudor shall not be responsible or liable for any events which occur outside of its control.

Dispute Resolution

We encourage you to contact us if you have an issue. If a dispute does arise out of these terms or related to your use of Sudor, and it cannot be resolved after you talk with us, then it is agreed that these terms are governed by English law and Fans/PTPs can only bring claims in the courts of England.