Maintaining a workout structure

After a year of uncertainty, many of us are grappling with getting back in the groove of normality but still having our guards up – let’s be honest, if 2021 has taught us anything it’s that literally anything can happen. After a well deserved break, and swapping out our workouts for cuddling up on the couch all day, or those Friday evening sundowners at your local is a no brainer, it’s time to get yourself back in to the swing of things. However, it’s important to maintain your regular fitness routine over the silly season to help alleviate stress, promote more natural energy, feel more joy towards those around and create healthy habits to bring with you into the New Year!

From difficult in-laws to downing one too many champagnes – here are our top tips for how to maintain your fitness

Be Wise, Diarise 

This way, you are setting up both a subconscious and conscious commitment in advance to your practice. If you have a meeting or appointment, you show up for it because you’ve blocked off the time, and you know others are holding your presence accountable. Accountability and action will take you places! You’ve prioritised this time specifically. By designating time(s) on your calendar for exercise, you leave less room for excuses. Now, we aren’t saying something won’t come up to get in your way of your amazing intentions. If they do, move the meeting up, as you would with any other obligation

Break Workouts Into Mini Sessions

Short bursts of exercise can be just as effective as longer sessions, so long as you do a minimum of half an hour for the day. This means that by just doing three ten-minute sessions (maybe schedule these for the morning, lunch, and evening), you can stay on top of your fitness progress and gain the health benefits of exercise. Too simple? Include HIIT in at least one of these sessions to ramp up the calorie burn and sculpt those muscles quicker.

Swap Your Evening Workouts To The Morning

Although it’s difficult, nothing quite beats waking up with the sunrise to sweat and energize the body to support its natural waking up process. Not only does this help set up your day the right way, it will promote sustainable energy throughout the day – giving you more time to enjoy the present moment with your family and friends after work.

Lay Your Clothes Out The Night Before

Through laying out your workout clothes the night before, you are making it easier on your future self to get ready for your workout. There’s nothing more off putting than looking through the washing, half asleep at 6am. Organisation is key when you are wanting to create healthy and lasting habits. The night before, it’s time to set yourself up for success. Simply set 10 minutes aside to lay out your workout clothes, unlace your shoes, fill your water bottle, and choose the exercise that you’ll do the next day.