With the festive season approaching, it’s time to think about how you can maintain a sustainable income over the holidays – while you get some well-deserved time off. Here’s how Sudor can help you earn money instead of spending it this festive season. Christmas is a great opportunities for you to earn money instead of spending it. Sudor has the facilities to create promo codes that discount your subscriptions, which has been a hit with Sudor trainers alike when it comes to Christmas.

A good way to market these could be something along the lines of:
“I wanted to share a little “early bird” secret with you before I open the flood gates on social media tomorrow. I am going to be celebrating Christmas by giving you a discount across ALL  my subscriptions. ”

You can use these to create urgency and exclusivity in your posts, stories and marketing emails (that we can happily create for you!) by saying: “limited number available”, “first 50 people to sign up”, “if you sign up before XX” etc.

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By becoming a Sudor trainer, Sudor will provide you with a platform to earn money for the workouts that you share and publish digitally – all while handling the administrative side of things. Not just any trainer can sign up to Sudor – we look for the right mix of enthusiasm, creativity, entrepreneurial spirit and knack for creating content that will keep our Sudor squad moving. Use the button below to become a Sudor Trainer. Get in touch with us to see whether Sudor is the right fit for your brand.