Top Tips for Filming as a Creator on Sudor

We are really excited to announce that the Sudor App now supports “Class Style” workouts in addition to the Movement Based Workouts. Sudor initially was designed for “in-gym” use, and we have now added support for “in-home” workouts. When working out at home, most users prefer class style content where the trainer (YOU!) is taking them through the class, motivating them and sweating alongside them.
The process to add class-style workouts to the app is really simple, especially if you already have a bank of content! Please note that whilst we will accept Instagram Live recordings, we sadly cannot accept Zoom recordings as Zoom compresses the files when saving them, and the quality is too poor.
If you already have the classes ready to upload, please provide the following information to us and we will start the upload process.

We will need the following for EACH workout:

1.Workout Name

2.The Workout Video – I would recommend keeping them between 20 & 30 minutes, as for home workouts this is the sweet spot. These files are usually quite large, so the best way to send them over is either to share via iCloud (if you have an iPhone) or by WeTransfer. Please ensure the file name is the same as the workout name.

3. An image (landscape) for the workout

4. A description – these can be longer than before as you’ll see from the myUTOPIA example that there is a lot more space for the description. The max length is 100 characters.

5. The tags
a. Intensity (Low / Medium / High)
b. Level (Beginner / Intermediate / Advanced)
c. Any equipment
d. Focus Areas (Legs / Back / Chest / Arms / Abs / Full Body)
e. Mood (Blow Off Steam/Something Tough/ Reset My Mind/ A Good Stretch/Cheer Me Up / Feel Good / Surprise Me)
f. Workout Type (Ab Challenge / Barre / Beginner / Bootylicious / Boxing / Cardio / Go Getters / HIIT / Home Gym / Low Impact / Meditation / Mobility / No Equipment / Pilates / Quick HIIT / Recovery / Small Space / Strength / Stretch / Tone Up / Yoga / Warm Up ). If you feel another workout type would be more fitting, please specify.

[OPTIONAL] A playlist for each workout. Ideally both on Spotify & Apple Music, but if you only have one we’d rather accept that than have none at all! We stream these workouts so it really doesn’t matter what size they are, they will still play quickly for the end-user.

If you don’t already have the content, or for future filming please take these filming tips into account to ensure the production quality is as high as it can be.
Filming Guide:
Create an “Instagrammable” space – eg a plain wall with a strategically placed plant/chair. Place the mat in clear view of the camera and check that you are in focus at all heights (eg if your workout involves floor work and burpees check you stay in shot for both).
Invest in good lighting – this has a significant effect on production quality. If you don’t have good natural lighting, we strongly recommend investing in a pop up / ring light that you can use for all of your filming. Prices start at around $20.

Soundcheck! You’ll need to take the user through the whole workout (there will be no automated prompts). If you have air pods these work well, otherwise it’s advisable to check the sound before you start recording. You can record the sound separately but then it will take you twice as long/workout. If in doubt – speak up!!
Film on a new-ish smartphone/camera. We’ve used some workouts from iPhone 10’s and the quality is great – so aim for this as a rough benchmark, you don’t need a pro camera! When filming, please ensure your chosen device is in a position where it will stay still (i.e. on a stand/tripod)

Please don’t use music unless you own the relevant rights to it- you can add this via our music integrations without having to worry about licensing Audio Only
As a final point, we can also support audio-only workouts, which means we can support Meditation, Running & Spinning content in addition to the above. If this is something you are interested in, please reach out and we can discuss recording options as it’s really important to ensure that the audio quality is high.


Posted on

June 4, 2021