Filming & Uploading Workouts as a Creator on Sudor

Sudor is designed to be a globally scalable platform for you – filming your workouts is where all the magic happens, and where you should invest most of your time at the start of your Sudor journey. The process of adding class-style workouts to the app is really simple, especially if you already have a bank of content! We recommend that you build a flexible bank of workouts upfront – if you invest a little bit of time in this process you’ll be surprised at how many workouts you can create from a small selection of movements! 

Filming Guidelines

Whether you use a camera or a phone to film – please ensure you’re filming in either PORTRAIT or LANDSCAPE orientation – however whichever orientation you choose, you need to maintain that orientation ALWAYS!!

  • Film your content with a tripod, stand or ring light
  • Film using a new smartphone (iPhone 10 or later) or a professional camera. Unfortunately we do not accept Zoom recordings due to the poor quality, however you can screen record your session and upload that recording later!
  • HD Resolution works perfectly & you’ll find the files more manageable. On iPhone: Settings > Camera > Record Video (then select HD resolution)
  • Only include music in the background if you own the rights – rather add a Spotify playlist later!

✔ Landscape orientation
✔ Mat central in the frame
✔ No clutter in view
✔ Camera close to trainer
✔ Movement is clear
✔ Plain background
✔ Good lighting

Uploading: What happens next?

Edit your class

  • Make a copy of the original video before editing
  • Don’t include a countdown or text when editing
  • When you film in landscape, don’t edit the video as a portrait

Share your workout with us

  • You will receive a link to a dedicated upload portal, where you can upload all your content securely
  • Sudor will upload the class to the app for you. This is generally processed within 2 working days
  • Feel free to include a music playlist for each workout (Apple Music and Spotify)!

Workout Assets

We want your personality to come through on the Sudor platform! For each workout you create, we need:

  • Each video should be labelled with the workout name.
  • A “Cover Image” which will be each workout’s thumbnail. Please upload all cover images into the folder in your Shared Google Drive called “Workout Images”. This image needs to be landscape, and should have no text edited on to the image.