Owning the Digital Fitness Space in 2021

2020 was the year that pushed everything and every one to their limits – particularly in the fitness world. With gyms and niche-fitness studios being forced to close doors, we saw the fitness industry transform before our very eyes in order to see the other side of global lockdowns. Gym as we know it, is dead – the rise of virtual gyms has allowed for weekend warriors and couch potatoes alike to maintain their fitness goals, and some even exceeding them, all from the comfort of their homes. Whether you’re a trainer or looking to get your own personal ‘gym’ started, we’re here to help you outline the fundamentals of growing your post-lockdown business. Here are 3 ways to boost your marketing strategies for 2021: 

  • Lay the groundwork and set your goals
  • Be active, engaging and connected on social media
  • Continuously improve and promote your online business

Lay the foundation and set those goals:

Google is your friend – you have a world of information at your fingertips and it’s time to put it to use! There are so many successful marketing ideas out there; but it’s important that you stick to one and see it through to maintain traction and consistency. The majority of this information needs to be discovered during the planning stage of your business plan and introducing this data throughout will help curate effective and efficient marketing.

Be sure to set goals that are clear and easy to measure so that you can determine their progress. This will help you make sure that you are targeting your business to the right people!

Focus on being active, engaging and relatable on Social Media

Social media is a key marketing tool in 2021 – with lockdowns all over the world, the social media boom has created the perfect platform for your growing business, and it’s free most of the time! Studies show that Facebook has an incredibly high success rate when it comes to social media marketing. 

When choosing which platform to use for your marketing, it’s really important that you consider the age group of your target market, and the type of content that you plan on posting. Be sure to research relevant hashtags, the most popular content imagery and creating captions that captivate your  audience.

Continuously improve and promote your online business

While 2020 has pushed the fitness world to new limits, it’s also transformed the customer expectations – flexibility has proven to be one key element to any business during these times. To engage with your audience, be sure to use your social media to gain data that will benefit your business. Use your social media to collect data and suggestions from your client base, and use it to research what your competitors are offering. 

2021 is another great opportunity for transformation, so let’s use it to gear up to the best fitness year we’ve ever seen.