Setting up your payment info with Sudor

At Sudor we want our trainers to have full control over their payouts. Sudor works with billion dollar company Stripe, allowing trainers to receive their revenue as seamlessly as possible and with minimal fees. Through Stripe you’re able to choose how frequently you are paid – so that you can literally start earning from your first subscriber! Stripe is world-renowned and we’re really excited to work with them. If your country is not registered with Stripe, we’ve got you covered. We’ve also partnered with Payoneer – a company listed on the Nasdaq which allows you to create a GBP account, which you can then sign up on Stripe with. Follow the steps below to get started!

how to link your bank account


  • You are a Sudor trainer or a Sudor gym
  • Your content is ready to go live on Sudor

Step 1

  • Register as a user in the Sudor system here (click “Register” at the bottom of the page)
  • Email support@sudor.fit to confirm that you have created an account
  • Within this email please share the email address you used to register your account
  • Sudor support will process this within 24 business hours. We will let you know when you can proceed to the next step


 Step 2

This process enables you to create your own sub account within Sudor. All your earnings (net of Sudor’s platform fee) will be automatically sent to your sub account. You will have full control of this account – including when to withdraw your funds.

Please note! Only subscriptions that are processed via Sudor’s landing pages (i.e. not via Apple) will be shown in this account. Please always promote your landing page link, and direct your followers here.

Payouts from subscriptions managed through Apple will be paid out as per the previous process.

  • We’ve also  partnered with Payoneer – a company listed on the Nasdaq which allows you to create a GBP account with them which you can then sign up on Stripe with. If your country is not available to Stripe, please be sure to create an account with Payoneer by using this link, and the proceed to Stripe using your account details. This way
  • If you are a Gym, please login here 
  • If you are a Trainer, please login here
  • Click on “Create Account“ button
  • Follow instructions to link your bank account with Sudor
    After Account Registration, the system will redirect you back to your dashboard where you can open the Payment Dashboard page to verify your page. You can use the Sudor Creator App Payment Dashboard to manage your Sudor earnings and configure your payouts.