Just like with a marathon, the work starts prior to race day! We’re here to help you plan your launch – to help you launch as smoothly & successfully as possible.

Your Brand
Before you start planning your approach it is important to have a brand image and message. You are your own brand and product and you should spend some time working on this – you want to build a consistent brand and image that is unique and easily identifiable. If you’re not sure where to start;

Write up a brief background of your journey as a trainer.
What excites you most about the Sudor platform?
What do you believe sets your approach/philosophy/style apart?
Describe how you would want your followers to describe you
Ask your followers why they follow you (this is the most valuable input)

Once you have your brand position & voice, it’s time to create your Content Calendar. This is designed to help you structure your launch – the more you plan in advance, the easier your launch will be.

Create your content calendar
Day 1-7: Stage 1 – Pre-launch hype
Day 8: Stage 2 – Launch/go-live
Day 9-13: Stage 3 – Post launch follow-up
Day 14 onwards: Stage 3 (continued) – Integrate Sudor into regular content

We recommend setting realistic targets to help you stay focused and to objectively measure your performance. The goal is to ultimately convert as many followers as possible to Sudor – but this will take time & consistency.

Example goals:
10 sign-ups in the first two weeks
10 story shares from your followers (or friends- see promo code section)
40 sign-ups in month 1
60 sign-ups in month 2

Create workout plans similar to Chloe Ting’s free plans on her website which can be added to highlights on your Insta profile with a swipe up links to sign up for Sudor (https://www.chloeting.com/program/2020/hourglass-program.html)
Landing Page
We will create a dedicated landing page for you – which you will be able to find at ap.sudor.fit/YOURNAME (we will share this link with you). This is the page that you should link to on your website / social media bios & any swipe uplinks. There are a few reasons why it’s better for you if your followers sign up here (rather than directly going to the App Store):
Apple charges 30% + VAT for all payments made through their site – this reduces your earnings potential
Promo codes are only valid on web landing pages
Your followers are automatically assigned to you

We prepare a basic version of the landing page for you & highly recommend that you take the time to review it & personalise the text & pictures. With the text please incorporate your key brand messages & remember to communicate what people will gain from your style of training.
Promo codes:
For You
As a trainer on Sudor, you can enjoy free access to the platform for you and up to 4 friends. We recommend choosing these friends wisely- choose people that will post stories /posts supporting you & talking about your workouts. This helps showcase the product, build credibility & helps you reach a wider audience.

Some trainers choose to run a giveaway with these codes – it really is up to you. If you have a brand partner (e.g. Lululemon / Lorna Jane / Adidas) a movement starter pack (outfit + free access to your Sudor workouts) can be a really effective way to mobilise your audience.

For Your Followers
We will also provide discounted access to your followers to encourage them to sign up in your first month – everyone loves a discount! The discount code is 20%, and valid for their first month on the platform. As standard, we provide 50 codes – if you need more, please let us know!

We recommend using these to create urgency & scarcity in your posts & stories e.g. “limited number available”, “first 50 people to sign up”, “if you sign up before XX” etc.
Instructions for using the promo codes:
Go to your dedicated landing page: https://ap.sudor.fit/join/YOURNAME
Click GET STARTED and then register to create a profile for yourself.
Enter your promo code when prompted
Once you’ve created a profile with all your details you’ll have a login name and password ✅
Go to this link: https://apps.apple.com/za/app/sudor-interactive/id1490993742
Download the app “Sudor interactive” and log in with your details and you are ready to go!
Sudors brand

Please let us know if you need any additional help. We are with you every step of #YourSudorJourney – we want your business to be as successful as possible. Remember, launching a business is a marathon, not a sprint.

Just to keep it real… Kayla Itsines first posted on Instagram in 2012 – EIGHT years ago – you can’t compare your day 1 sign-ups, to her day 3000 – but you can compare your effort, and you can take inspiration from her social media strategy and implement some of her tactics.

As with everything worth having, it will take hard work, initiative and determination to start seeing results – but once you do we promise it will be just as rewarding as crossing the finish line of a marathon! Let’s GO team!