Just like with a marathon, the work starts prior to race day! We’re here to help you plan your launch – to help you launch as smoothly & successfully as possible. If you’re a fitness entrepreneur asking yourself the question, “How do I build a fitness brand in the digital world?” you’re already way ahead of the competition. It’s time to curate a memorable and influential fitness platform that will build traction and attention. Step in to Sudor’s office: let’s talk about the key aspects you need to take in to consideration when launching your online fitness brand in the digital age:

      • Building a Brand
      • A brand strategy 
      • Getting in touch: social media and PR

Building Your Brand

Before you start planning your approach it is important to have a brand image and message. You are your own brand and product and you should spend some time working on this – you want to build a consistent brand and image that is unique and easily identifiable. If you’re not sure where to start;

  • Write up a brief background of your journey as a trainer.
  • What excites you most about the Sudor platform?
  • What do you believe sets your approach/philosophy/style apart?
  • Describe how you would want your followers to describe you
  • Ask your followers why they follow you (this is the most valuable input)

Your Brand Strategy 

First thing’s first: a brand strategy is a long-term plan that you put in place for the development and success of your brand, with specific goals set along the way. Think about your brand as the true North and your strategy as the direction that you’re heading in. For example, think of it like: “as a fitness instructor with X brand, I want to achieve goal X by doing  Z”. The strategy you take needs to identify these three things:

  • Your Niche: You will know if you will be creating a fitness studio or a yoga centre. Finding a niche depends on your expertise and your goals. Strategise accordingly!
  • Your Market: Now you know your niche – who will your brand target? Feel free to test your brand position to get an idea of your target market.
  • Your Positioning: Your brand’s positioning will determine your competitors. Some examples of positioning could be – Low-Cost, Bespoke, Professional, etc

Brand Building Go-To-Market Channels

So, you’ve successfully identified your fitness brand strategy, your mission, vision, values, and style like a fitness entrepreneur BOSS. It’s time to integrate all your hard-branding-work into your marketing strategy. Just to be clear: a marketing strategy is a plan of action that’s designed to promote and sell your brand. In 2021 we’re lucky enough to have two marketing channels to tap in to:
Social media
Public Relations

Harness Social Media for your Fitness Brand
Instagram is an incredibly useful and powerful tool when it comes to marketing. Best part? It’s totally easy to use, and FREE. Social media will most likely be your top-performing channel for customer acquisition – so it’s time to use it to its full potential. Instagram is visual, it should be your strength in terms of building your fitness brand.

Sudor is a brand that has been built across multiple social platforms. By joining Sudor, you’ll be able to access multiple audiences from across the globe. How incredible is that?

Become PR Savvy for your brand
PR is a great way to get your voice across along with your brand image. Creating a fitness brand is all about YOUR story, so find a PR company that has values that are best suited to get your brand’s narrative across.
Some quick tips on using PR for brand building:
Identify local fitness and lifestyle journalists.
Don’t be shy to pitch your brand story and narrative.
Journalists are literally looking for stories to cover – shoot your shot!

So, by now, you should be a guru on starting your brand, getting your brand strategy going and how to market it in the most effective way possible. We’re here to help take your brand to the next level. By joining Sudor, not only will you be joining our suite of world renowned trainers, but you’ll have access to opportunities from across the globe. It’s time to get started with Sudor.