How to go LIVE with Sudor

Running your online business through Sudor is like just running a studio – but with no rental, geographical or class size restrictions. Plus, we’ll help you out with marketing, user behaviour insights and tips to get the most out of the app. With Sudor you can upload your workouts and share them with your fans all around the world. You earn from your very first subscriber.

At Sudor, we pride ourselves on being at the top of the tech game, which is why we’ve created the functionality for our trainers to be able to go live straight from the app – you can think of us as a one-stop-shop for all your fitness needs! By going live through the app, you’re able to cultivate more personal relationships with your subscribers, especially through our live chat! Here’s how it works:


By becoming a Sudor trainer, Sudor will provide you with a platform to earn money for the workouts that you share and publish digitally – all while handling the administrative side of things. Not just any trainer can sign up to Sudor – we look for the right mix of enthusiasm, creativity, entrepreneurial spirit and knack for creating content that will keep our Sudor squad moving. Use the button below to become a Sudor Trainer. Get in touch with us to see whether Sudor is the right fit for your brand.

Create your landing page

Once you have completed Step 1, you’ll get an email that prompts you to set up your landing page. This is a page that we will design tailored around you. You will advertise this page to your fans/ followers/ clients and it is where your clients can subscribe to your content. This phase consists of building you a landing page, giving you access to your very own unique shared drive and sending us your video content.

Upload content and set up payment

So, your landing page is completed – you’re almost there! It’s time to get your content on to the app. How this works is that we will send you a link to your Google Drive, as well as a sheet where you will fill out all the necessary information to make sure the content is uploaded exactly as you want it. 

Once that’s done, you need to set up your payment details. With Sudor you earn guaranteed revenue from your subscribers every single month, no matter how many workouts they’ve done. On YouTube, you have to rely on algorithms and views and your income is unpredictable. You can set up your payment details here.

Arrive and go LIVE

Your content is on the app, your payment account is set up and now it is time for you to unleash your greatness on the Sudor Community! You might have seen on our socials that our LIVE feature is FINALLY here! We have worked super hard on this feature and believe that it really is groundbreaking or the Sudor Community. Here’s all you need to know about how to go live, and how to schedule your sessions.

To get started with scheduling your live workouts, download the Sudor Creator App. This is an app that is designed to be a home specifically for you, this contains your own dashboard so you can keep on top of your metrics! It’s also where you schedule your LIVE classes (always do this in advance to increase engagement), LIVE stream your class & manage your on demand library. To access the Creator App, please follow the steps below:  

  • Make sure that you have a Sudor subscription with your trainer email address
  • If you haven’t yet, please create a subscription via your landing page using the same email address you used to register as a trainer, we’ll provide you with a personalised promo code.
  • Now you’re ready to rock and roll!

Scheduling your live workout

  1. Download the Sudor Creator App on to your phone (click here for the link to the Appstore).
  2. Log in to the Creator App using the email address you registered with as a trainer, as above, and click the ‘+’ button in the top right hand corner and create your workout.
  3. Schedule your workout and fill out the details accordingly – this is to help your subscribers find your workout & gives them information upfront!  Think of the time allocation as a guide – this is so subscribers  allocate time to do the workout. The time will auto update once the live is over, and you won’t be kicked off if you go over your set time.
  4. Once you’re happy with the details, click ‘Save’ and you’ll be able to see your live scheduled on the main app, and subscribers can choose to join! You can change details beforehand.


When the time comes for you to go live, log in to the Sudor for Trainer App and open your scheduled live and click ‘start’.
Please note that when you click ‘start’, the recording starts  IMMEDIATELY, even when it says ‘joining’ – so keep it PG!
Do what you do best and give your audience what they want – lives aren’t only limited to workouts (although it’s recommended so you can build your workout library!) – you can do a cooking tutorial or even have a podcast-style live. It’s totally up to you!
When you’ve completed your live, click ‘finish’ and it will end the session. If you have chosen to auto publish, the live will save under your trainer profile on the app.