We’re a small team with big dreams – and we are united by one simple goal: to get the world moving more. As the globe settled in to its very first lockdown, Sudor jumped at the opportunity to keep trainers and boutique gyms afloat while the pandemic forced doors to close.

Throughout intermittent lockdowns, platform continues to enable fitness professionals to create a globally scalable business – reaching and inspiring more people than ever before to move their bodies. Since our start in 2020, we’ve seen near 10 000 app downloads alone – with over 100 downloads just in the last week. 

Going Global

Throughout the global pandemic, it’s safe to say that the fitness market will always be set to continuously grow. As digital fitness continues to skyrocket, it’s clear the pandemic has changed the fitness market forever, with digital fitness being the biggest global trend of 2021. 

With our original market audience starting in one country, our demographic has since rapidly expanded to global super powers like the UK, the USA, Canada and Australia and is set to continue scaling globally. So despite being relatively new, we mean business! Here are our top tips on how to grow your global audience. 

Growing your global audience

At a time when everything in fitness seems to be constantly evolving – with exciting new opportunities and challenges emerging daily– there are still tried and tested tactics that trainers can rely on to build their subscriber base.

Start with your team

At a time when everyone is touting technology as the answer to fitness during COVID-19 and beyond, it’s so important to remember that people remain the most important component of a your future success. YOU are the gravity that pull clients into your programmes and keep them coming back. Social media is an amazing tool to build brand awareness, and we feature all our trainers on our socials to build the hype. By joining Sudor, you literally gain a team that’s here to help market your brand and hype you!

Choose your tribe

To help you successfully plan, promote, and prepare your brands launch, you need to reach out to those you know will help market your brand and hype your launch on their socials. Encouraging user-generated content from your audience is great way to build hype and cultivate two-way conversations between you and your subscribers or existing clients. In the lead up to your launch, have your star take to social media to prescribe challenges and ‘workouts of the day’, then ask your audience to share their before-and-after photos and videos to ramp up the sense of community.

Whoever you have posting on social media is representing your brand, so it makes sense to start with your close friends, family or existing clients and let them lead it out. Make sure that whoever you feature is a good representative of your brand, can speak with the right tone of voice, and can embody your brand.

Level-up your lead generation

One outcome of COVID-19 lockdowns has been the growth of people taking up digital fitness offerings – and new findings suggest this could yield significant opportunities for online fitness platforms. Research from Les Mills found that 69% of consumers who were inactive before lockdown have since increased their exercise levels.

With the potential for an influx of new clients hungry for online workouts, setting out a smooth path to onboard them is paramount – and we’ve got you covered. Our onboarding process is easy to follow, making your online business more accessible than ever.

Apply today

By becoming a Sudor trainer, Sudor will provide you with a platform to earn money for the workouts that you share and publish digitally – all while handling the administrative side of things. Not just any trainer can sign up to Sudor – we look for the right mix of enthusiasm, creativity, entrepreneurial spirit and knack for creating content that will keep our Sudor squad moving. Use the button below to become a Sudor Trainer. Get in touch with us to see whether Sudor is the right fit for your brand.