Sudor Self care Starter Pack

For many people, the concept of self-love might conjure images of tree-hugging hippies or cheesy self-help books. Ironically, self-care and compassion might actually be needed most by those of us who work too hard and who are constantly striving to surpass ourselves and grasp the ever-changing fad of perfection.

Why is self-love important?” you might ask. For many of us, self-love might sound like a luxury rather than a necessity — or a new-age fad for those with too much time on their hands. Most of the time, when we’re being too hard on ourselves, we do it because we’re driven by a desire to excel and do everything right, all the time. Use this weekend to show yourself some compassion – you’ve been pushing your edge all week and now it’s time to slow down and show yourself the love that you give.

Self care comes in many different shapes and forms, whether it’s taking time to sit and read a good book or pounding the pavement for a 10km run – we are all so different and that is what makes our Sudor Community so unique and special! Take the time this weekend to tune in to what your body is feeling, and listen to what your mind wants.

Be Wise, Diarise 

Just like medical appointments, social engagements and work meetings – it is important to diarise your workout schedule too! This way, you are setting up both a subconscious and conscious commitment in advance to your practice. Accountability and action will take you places! 

Break Workouts Into Mini Sessions

Short bursts of exercise can be just as effective as longer sessions, so long as you do a minimum of half an hour for the day. This means that by just doing three ten-minute sessions (maybe schedule these for the morning, lunch, and evening), you can stay on top of your fitness progress and gain the health benefits of exercise. Too simple? Include HIIT in at least one of these sessions to ramp up the calorie burn and sculpt those muscles quicker.

Create a wellbeing routine

Wellbeing is a lifestyle! Whether that includes a daily meditation, a killer Sudor workout, a quick run, or trying to get enough sleep. It’s tempting to embrace a completely sedentary lifestyle at Christmas which we know has seriously negative effects on our health. Keeping your exercise routine over the festive season is important and will have countless positive effects on how you feel particularly if you have enjoyed yourself the day before.

Swap Your Evening Workouts To The Morning

Although it’s difficult, nothing quite beats waking up with the sunrise to sweat and energize the body to support its natural waking up process. Not only does this help set up your day the right way, it will promote sustainable energy throughout the day – giving you more time to enjoy the present moment with your family and friends after work.

Lay Your Clothes Out The Night Before

Through laying out your workout clothes the night before, you are making it easier on your future self to get ready for your workout. There’s nothing more off putting than looking through the washing, half asleep at 6am. Organisation is key when you are wanting to create healthy and lasting habits.