How to get Unstuck

Getting started can be so overwhelming – more often than not, fitness fanatics alike have found themselves at the start of their fitness journey and thought “where do I even begin?”. Your body, schedule and goals are unique to you. And your fitness journey will be too! But if you think a complicated training and nutrition program is the only way to help you feel your best, then this one’s for you – it’s time to simplify.

At Sudor we always preach that making small meaningful changes to your lifestyle will end up having the biggest impact. By creating a simple workout plan that suits your lifestyle, not only will it help keep your routine consistent but you’ll gain added benefits like more energy and even weight loss.


Simplicity Works

The most important part about your workout plan is consistency. If your workout routine is too complicated and doesn’t work for you, then you’re simply setting yourself up for failure and you’re far more likely to give up. By choosing the workouts you do and when you do them, your motivation will naturally increase and you might even find yourself looking forward to your daily sweat-sesh. If you don’t feel 100% confident in the workout plan that you’ve curated, here’s a simple plan: keep it consistent and keep it simple.


Workouts to get you started

At Sudor our goal is simple: we want to get the whole world moving more. We believe that you don’t need expensive equipment or overcomplicated exercised to help you reach (and smash!) your goals. These staple workouts will set you on the right path – they’re simple, easy-to-follow and above all – FUN!

Strength Training
Strength training is always a good foundation to start your fitness journey on. AS a form of resistance training, it helps you build muscle and lean-out and is one of the easiest ways to support your metabolism too! As an added bonus to an increased metabolism, you’ll also burn more calories.

There are plenty super simple upper and lower body strength workouts to get you started – think squats, push ups, tricep-dips and planks. These exercises require minimal to no equipment and are as simple as they get.

Not everything in your workout routine needs to get your heart rate sky-high! Walking is one of the most underrated exercises that we have available to us! While some see it as a pointless exercise, science says that people who focus on walking as a part go their fitness journey are more likely to adhere to their fitness plan. By including walking in to your busy schedule, you’re catching a break with some fresh air all while getting those steps in!

HIIT Workouts

Although it can seem intimidating, HIIT workouts are (simply put) just periods of rapid activity followed by rest. HIIT workouts aren’t only for advanced fitness fanatics, so pick a few movements that get your heart rate up, like jumping jacks, mountain climbers running or even swimming. Alternate between 30 – 60 seconds of all-out effort followed by a rest of the same duration. Challenge yourself to do a few rounds of your intervals and pat yourself on the back – the secret lies in an effective recovery. The quick change in rapid workout to resting helps increase your heart rate as well as your fitness levels!


No, you don’t need to be as bendy as a pretzel to reap the rewards of a yoga session. Yoga helps you build muscle as well as stamina that will benefit you across multiple fitness techniques. A simple Vinyasa routine can do your body and your mind the world of good by reducing stress that manifests physically and mentally. For a variety of yoga flows, check out our yoga category on the Sudor App.