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I’ve spent years building the FitMom brand as an offline offering- I was training people 1:1 and really struggling to scale. Lockdown 2020 forced me to take FitMom online – it was almost too successful, I was so stressed!  Sudor has been a lifesaver in helping me scale my business. I could finally take a holiday & couldn’t believe how much I earned whilst sitting on the beach with my kids!! 

Ash Iovino, London 

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We are always looking for top fitness entrepreneurs to join the Sudor family. If you are a fitness professional who is ready to take the next step in scaling your business – we want to hear from you! Please apply below & if it’s a match we’ll be in touch soon!

We Believe In Movement

At Sudor our mission is to inspire the world to move more. Moving just 10 minutes more every single day can have a significant impact on your health and wellbeing. We bring you the widest variety of workouts to choose from – so that you can find the type of movement that you enjoy whether its HIIT, Pilates, Strength, Barre, Dance, Yoga or even Meditation.  We believe in exercise as a lifestyle, not a chore.

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“The best gym replacement of 2020”

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You can get started from as little as five workouts. Simply upload workouts that are 10-30 minutes long and you’re ready to rock & roll. 

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By joining Sudor you’re able to earn a fair income from your digital content.  You earn a majority share of every subscriber you bring on board. 

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I’m so glad I discovered Sudor. My whole life I have dreaded working out. After downloading Sudor I finally started enjoying moving my body. I often choose quick 10 or 15 minute workouts and I’ve never felt or looked better. 

Emily Popa, London


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